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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
we need to deal with the longer-term issue next year. the groundwork is laid. president, john boehner, harry reid, and senator mcconnell -- you can't do in three and half weeks a half weeks what needs to be done. the next year is that moment of opportunity. and i think the work is being done and i think this will help get a result. >> when he does come back and say, i was disappointed when the president come after simpson-bowles, didn't really embrace it and i don't know that we would've adopted it, but it would have been the least possible. it is because the president has been reelected after a very tough campaign. the republicans have been upset by the results of the campaign and you have the raw personal material for this to work out to everyone's benefit. he is very much smart and very effective. >> inner has to get the votes. he calls for both it only gets a vote on his conference committee has problems of his own. .. >> maybe the world economy would collapse if we didn't deal with it, it was taken tonight house of representatives r and it was defeated, and they timely got it pas
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
accused development programs for the broader strategic challenges. >> i and john manley from canada. in your assessment of the new normal, i didn't hear any discussion of the impact a very strongly developing movements in the world for the, particularly impacting how comes that democratic elections as well as perhaps creating a certain amount of instability of governance models that we face. i'd be interested in the panel's assessment of the impact of fundamentalist religious movements and particularly in the context of what is going to be a new normal. a >> let's get one more in here. you can just use this. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i would've been too much. i think what is so interesting about this discussion raised by author participants is the baseline question and just putting the question of the new normal in the context of america, american powder and leadership and i was just so does seen how powerful did america in 1979 after the tom, not very. how powerful did america look in 188910 years later extremely powerful. how powerful did america look in 1899? it looks essentiall
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
circumstantial evidence that either john corzine either directed or knew about the idea that he was oblivious to this is certainly like the rabbit track, is a pretty good indication. so, whether the courts will find any criminal intent, not for me to say. you know, i think nan and quico made important points. one, as congresswoman hayworth said you had all these regulators and they were not cooperating. one was that's not my part. one of the farmers that was a letter to look, i am tired of hearing from the cftc that this is an sec team. i'm tired of hearing this is somebody else's part of the pie. all i know is that money is missing in these regulators in the last two years have read under dodd-frank new rules. there's renewed regulators and there are 7000 pages of new regulation. the one regulation, the most important regulation is don't take customer money -- to take money that doesn't belong with you in trade with it or use it. it's been on the books forever. that's the only regulation we needed. many say this this, capitalism cannot function without a moral and ethical basis. i can tell y
Nov 19, 2012 11:00pm EST
at large, not just for the united states. i want to thank john markus and scott, having deeply informed reallied model journalists who are saturated in our industry and have been able to challenge and provoke us as i think growthly enhappensed the value -- greatly enhanced the value of these proceedings. thank you so much for doing this for us and to all of the panelists and keynote speakers, too, heart felt thanks, so, thank you, everybody. there -- for those of you dashing if for the one o'clock r flights, the shuttle bus should be outside the main entrance to the davis center. [inaudible conversations] >> we'll run it back around or i'll give you a lift if you need it. if you're going back to the hotel, they have a shuttle. [applause] >>> there are many people who might take issue with grant saving the union during the civil war. didn't lincoln do that? well, yeah, he did. i'm not going to say grant was the only person who saved the union, but he was the commanding general of the armies that put lincoln's policies into effect. he was the general who accepted the surrender of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4